Terms & Conditions while renting

Period 1st September 2016 - 31st May 2017

The conditions of occupancy are as follows:

Deposit & Account Details

A €400 deposit secures your booking until the first installment is paid on the 1st September. This deposit is refunded in full at the expiration of the lease agreement providing all the contents and the structure of the apartment are in the same condition as at the start of the lease period and all utility bills paid up in full.

All cancellations will be subject to an administration fee of €100. Please note that deposits will not be returned to those who cancel after 1st August. Rent paid in advance for the full year will be discounted by 5%. Rent may be paid in two installments ,due 1st September and 1st January. Otherwise rent will be paid monthly in advance by standing order or by cash or cheque to the office.

Students are responsible for ESB and Gas supply and meter reading are taken on the first day of the tenant's lease agreement and the bills are put into the names of the tenants and bills are issued every two months.

Payment Installments

Rent is paid in two installments & must be paid in full before the 1st September and 1st January.

  • 1st September - 16th January
  • 16th January - 31st May

TV Licence

A valid TV Licence is required for every property at which a TV is held. The TV Licence is paid for by the occupants of the premises.

Refuse Charge.

A refuse charge of €100 is also payable in lump sum at the beginning of the tenancy and covers the cost of weekly refuse and recycling waste removal for the duration of the tenancy.

Guest Policy

All visitors must leave the building by 11pm.


All properties are fully furnished but occupants must provide their own towels and bed linen.


Insurance cover for personal belongings is not covered under the rental agreement. We would recommend that tenants take out a contents insurance policy. We can organize this for you and we will not charge you a fee.

Early Vacation & Co-Tenants

We will endeavor to provide you with your preference; however this may not always be possible, i.e. we do not guarantee who your co tenants will be and equally we cannot guarantee that you will get an en-suite bedroom.

Cancellations before the 31st July will be liable to pay a €100 administration fee. Cancellations after the 31st July but prior to moving in will be liable for a €300 administration fee. All fees will be deducted from the booking deposit.


Maintenance issues which may arise in the property due to poor housekeeping & a lack of ventilation etc is the responsibility of the tenant. In such circumstances, the tenant is liable for any charges which may arise due to a lack of care and poor housekeeping skills.

Lease Agreement & Guarantor

Each student must sign a legally binding lease agreement. The term is strictly the 1st September 2016 to 31st May 2017.

Each parent / guardian must sign a guarantor form which promises the following:

  • In the event a student defaults in payments, the parent /guardian guarantee payment.
  • Parents / Student will continue to pay rent for the period 1st September - 31st May, regardless of the students change in circumstances.
  • Parents / Student will continue to pay rent for the period 1st September - 31st May, even if the student has been given notice, due to breach of contract and house rules.
  • Each Parent / Guardian / Student understands that the property must be respected and continuous disturbance to other tenants / neighbors will result in notice to quit.
  • Offenders who cause criminal damage or are in breach of the peace will be fined for damages or any security callouts. This is a strict policy which results in a happy environment for our student residents.

Proof of Identification

Finally, to receive the keys to your property, all of the following must be provided to Manor Properties

  • Photocopy of passport / drivers license
  • Fully completed student registration form.
  • Fully completed guarantor form.
  • Legally binding lease agreement must be signed.
  • Passport colour photo must be attached to the registration form.

€80 per Week

  • En suite bedrooms
  • Fully Fitted Kitchens
  • Free Broadband/NTL
  • Full Maintenance Service
  • plus many more...
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Basing yourself in Waterford City – the traditional capital of the southeast allows you to enjoy the benefits of city life and student living. From its vibrant city life, to the rural charm of inland towns and villages, Waterford has something for everyone.

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Information for Parents

Here at "Student Accommodation Waterford", we are fully aware of our responsibility as providers and managers of student accommodation. For many students, this will be their first experience of renting in Waterford and living away from home.

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